Sunday, February 8, 2015


Wow, it's been so long since I was able to access & post on this blog. I thought I would try to take the time to update things since we finally have GREAT news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael & I ended up being able to save money over 2013-2014 since we were both working two jobs. We literally set up an automatic withdrawal from our account (into savings) & just threw as much as we could into savings. We went back to our fertility specialist & set up a time line to do our 2nd round of IVF (a round includes an egg retrieval & transfer). We ended up taking out a small loan through one of the financing options provided by SRM.

On July 31st , 2014 I did my second egg retrieval & by August 5th we did our 3rd ever IVF transfer. We again transferred 2 embryos & on September 4th we had a 7 week ultrasound to confirm that we were pregnant!!! (We wanted to wait to get excited until after the ultrasound this time [instead of blood work] since we had such heartbreak last time). So, at our 7 week ultrasound we found out that YES indeed we were pregnant & SURPRISE … we’re having TWINS!!! :o) We ended up only telling close friends & family about being pregnant with twins until after around 20 weeks (just in case). Now the BOYS are well on their way (I’m 29 weeks) and we are expecting to have a C-section (d/t my previous surgeries) some time at the end of March!!!!

We feel so very blessed & it is still weird to think that this is actually happening. I think after being told “no” for almost 10 years … it was so strange to transition to … “oh, yes … this is actually happening”.  I can tell that I really don’t understand that there are 2 little boys on their way but I am excited and nervous to start this new journey into parenthood!!!

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