Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ironic ...

I found this "unpublished" post from back in 2010:

Now would be nice...

I went to another baby shower ... I did really well this time. I am too distracted by studying for my NCLEX to focus too much on REALLY wanting a baby (or two, lol). I am happy for my friend who is having the baby ... she was adorable at her shower.

It would be really awesome to have a baby shower of my own ... some day. Sigh.

UPDATE 2/8/15:

Oh my goodness! How ironic is it that the weekend I am finally able to get back into my "Baby Journey" blog is the weekend of my very own shower!?! I found this older "unpublisged" post (from 5 years ago?!?) talking about going to a friend's shower & here I am FINALLY having one of my own!!! God is awesome!!! ~Feeling very blessed & humbled. ;o)

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