Wednesday, June 30, 2010

IVF # 2

Well, we are going to attempt a FET (frozen embryo transfer) in August. I start the medications sometime soon ... not sure exactly when. I started the birth contol pills this evening so hopefully they don't make me sick or gain weight. :o)

I had been doing really well with not having kids for quite a while this time yet, I had a really rough day on Sunday. We were at a friend's house with tons of kids playing on a trampoline and all the mom's & dad's around a fire pit ... I was feeling down and very stressed from work so that didn't help. I just felt uncomfortable being the only couple there without kids. I hate it actually and really don't know what God is waiting for ... I could cry over it but I am too stressed over things at work. One day at a time.
I did get to meet the new little son of a friend of mine. Eli, he is so cute and grunts like a little piggy. It's quite precious. His mommy and daddy waited a long time for his to come so I am especially happy for them. :o)